Zero Bond

Branding Zero Bond, New York’s new gathering place

Household has partnered Zero Bond founder Scott Sartiano to develop the brand identity for New York’s highly anticipated members club. Working closely with Scott, we created the brand story, creative direction, graphic design, typography and application of the brand across digital and branded moments. The club spans twenty thousand square feet and is located in the heart of NOHO, New York City.

“Founded on the entrepreneurial values of New York City, Zero Bond is the essential gathering place for the free-spirited and the change-makers. It’s a home for New York’s pioneers from a rich fabric of backgrounds connected by a desire for new ideas and to share new experiences.”

Scott Sartiano, Founder

Born of New York

The Zero Bond brand is designed to embrace a distinct New York attitude, a ‘born in New York’ energy, and deeper connection to its unique location and community. The logotype and mark are inspired by the architectural details of the Zero Bond building, of the Eastlake movement, the logo mark is created as a celebration of both place and ethos that sit at the heart of the Zero Bond brand.

The mark is an arch detail set in a circle, a confident single mark that also morphs into a duplicated and overlaid pattern, bringing pace and change for both playful and consistent adaptation across the club and through digital interactions.

Ahead of the curve

The Zero Bond identity is strongly associated with the graphical device that sits on the brand collateral. It is formed from the angular slant in the Z of the logotype and the curves of the arches in the logo-mark. These are used with consideration and applied with attention to add beautiful detail to collateral, such as angled tip in pages or curved edges in the branded ice cubes!

Para Supreme as a crafted serif typeface, creates an effortless dynamic, balanced with delicate details that pay homage to historic and distinguished characteristics. Apercu, the secondary typeface is a clean sans serif full of characteristics that are not demonstrative but makes it highly distinguishable and legible.

The Zero Bond photography style story tells the cultural offering, creating aspirational engagement with members. Photography of the immediate surrounding area communicates affinity and uniqueness to the Bond Street neighbourhood in New York.

The style is familiar but not typical, offering a fresh perspective with strong graphical crops that embrace the unexpectedness of the area, the building and architecture. A mixture of delicate detailed shots and contextual shots offer space and scale throughout the brand collateral.

Members Club reimagined

Zero Bond is a re-imagined members club created for dynamic individuals from diverse communities rather than a specific niche. The brand we have created with Scott is about uniquely celebrating difference and inclusivity, a sense of place members can define, and are not defined by.

A place like no other.