H&M – it’s: PLEAT

Using emotiveye™ insight and creative ideation for international launch

H&M launched a new in-store café, it’s: PLEAT, to give customers the opportunity to interact with the fashion brand in a new way. After a successful Stockholm pilot, the challenge was to expand it’s: PLEAT to more locations, aiming to drive brand love and increase dwell time in-stores. Household was brought in to adapt the pilot format for the London market and launch the brand internationally.

it’s: PLEAT

We conducted a live research study to truly understand the it’s: PLEAT customer.

it’s: PLEAT

Over five-days, we used our proprietary online research tool emotiveye™ to gain insights into customers’ new tastes and food behaviours. We engaged over 50 participants from target segments to discover their food habits, preferences and attitudes. Participants responded to tasks and captured food experiences in the moment via text, picture and video responses. We analysed and developed this rich data to create an in-depth, market-relevant view of the customer.

it’s: PLEAT

Drawing upon on our global and local F&B expertise, we researched, planned, and facilitated a safari for the it’s: PLEAT team that explored 45 unique F&B locations across London. We ate our way across the city, capturing the experience in a Household-designed safari book.

A two-day London F&B safari complemented our first-hand research.

it’s: PLEAT

45 locations taste
tested in 2 days

We ran a workshop with key stakeholders to equip the brand for future growth.

This involved sharing market trends, playing-back emotiveye™ and safari findings, and running an ideation session. We lead the teams through idea sprints, co-creating ideas across environments, products & services, communications & digital, and people, and identified and prioritised brand experience opportunities to inform the future direction of it’s: PLEAT. Direct action was taken from the workshop output and implemented in the London launch in H&M Westfield White City, featuring an adapted experience and evolved menu for local tastes.