The Great Reset

Our winning entry for The Great Reset 2020

The Great Reset is a cultural movement led by the Purpose Disruptors to maintain the positive environmental behaviours developed during lockdown and embed these into society. The Great Rest competition was launched to invite creative agencies to find ways to motivate people to keep up their planet-positive actions (knowingly or unknowingly!). Household entered the The Great Reset 2020 competition along with over 200 others and won the category for 'Best Brand Experience' judged by D&AD Young Bloods, the consumers of the future! Here's our winning entry below for 'The Little Reset Brew co.'

Driven by the insight that the UK drinks 100 million cups of tea daily, 36 billion cups of tea a year, we saw the opportunity for the ritual of tea drinking to become a catalyst to rally a nation together and drive change.

Our brand experience idea ‘The Little Reset Brew Company’ (LRBC) is a tea company with a difference. We thought that by turning the everyday moment of making a brew into a quick pause for thought and reflection, we can celebrate and reinforce the positive impact of various climate-positive lockdown behaviours.

Little steps to save the planet

Teabags that give you a nudge

Every LRBC tea bag comes with a recycled, compostable label displaying messages that remind, inspire, and reinforce all sorts of accidental climate-hero actions. Whether it’s a nudge to eat vegan occasionally or explore your local area on foot.

Designed to be DTC subscription model, people can replenish their stash automatically with ease, encouraging them to ‘Keep it up’.

At the heart of the subscription model is a refillable, personalised tea tin. We want it to be a must-have iconic home accessory, that pop ups in the background of a video call or be at the top of the list of Christmas gifts. The tin is a badge of honour and doubles up as a symbol of people’s involvement and commitment.

The task in the brief was to capture a spirit of togetherness. The Little Reset Brew Company is built as a co-ownership model. The idea that if it’s owned by the people of Britain, we all have interest in the growth and success of the company.

The company is set up as a not-for-profit business. As an owner, you won’t receive return on investment but will feel a return on the planet. We want to give back to the creative industry so the profits will be used to fund the education, inspiration and perhaps accreditation for climate-positive-impact. Helping the creative industry be more responsible, more mindful, more accountable for the work we create.

A collective spirit of togetherness


"Household won because its experience idea nudges behaviour change through little daily reminders which creates a moment of pause and reflection over a cup of tea. Secondly, it is a collective action focused that allows lots of small actions by lots of people to add up and create big change. Lastly it’s community based idea allows the brand to be built from the people who care within the industry, out through crowd sourcing."

Purpose Disruptors

“Our starting point was the truth that any great achievement in life is made up of lots of little, cumulative actions. For us The Great Reset is going to be made up of lots of little resets. We focussed on the most enduring British ritual, the cup of tea.”

Paul Bentley, Managing Director at Household


Winner best brand experience – Household’s ‘The Little Reset Brew co.


Winner, Collaboration: Best Environmental Cause Campaign – Purpose Disruptors’ The Great Reset. Purpose Awards EMEA.