Showing the story of mobile on the go to inspire customers with benefits

The challenge for Vodafone was to communicate its Quad Play offer – TV, broadband, mobile and home phone – across the UK. In a highly competitive market the question was “why would I want all these services from Vodafone?”.

We identified ‘mobile at the heart’ as the key differentiator for Vodafone and designed a unique, simple and scalable retail solution that ties Vodafone’s new home service with its core mobile offer.

Tangible benefits to inspire customers

TV and tablets serve as self and staff-led learning and discovery touchpoints, making it easily accessible to less tech-confident customers. Mobile, router, landline phone and TV set top box are all integrated into the design, with sofas and park benches encouraging dwell time and deeper product discovery.

Our new design concept tells an impactful and connected story about freedom of ‘content where ever you go’, inspiring customers with tangible ways they can benefit from the service.

Quick insight

With increased reliance on constant connectivity, tech has become an essential tool to complete day-to-day tasks.

As such, experience expectations are sky-high, and customers expect providers to deliver.