Carphone Warehouse

Designing a Next-Gen store for the connected customer

Carphone Warehouse has long championed customers through impartial comparison-based services. As networks gained loyalty through brand presence, Carphone Warehouse appeared overly price focused, and not tempting to a younger, connected customer wanting personalised solutions instantly.

The concept elevates the brand to a ‘Go-to-Connector’

Our Next-Gen store design concept elevates the brand as a ‘Go-to-Connector’, offering customers the best choice of mobile tech and multi-channel services at the best prices in a warm, open and friendly environment. The immersive digital Discovery Wall attracts customers, creating a digital anchor point for services weaved throughout the store.

The roaming ‘Pinpoint’ tablet service is offered by colleagues wherever customers are. By understanding how each customer uses their phone, colleagues can find the best phone, network and data package personalised to need, enhancing the service journey experience.

The live urban-feel ‘Play-table’ engages customers in hands-on exploration and comparison of devices and networks to make an informed choice at their own pace. Stripped-back illuminated communications offer guidance on which services best meet lifestyle connectivity needs, enabling both simple self-navigation across options and structured colleague support.

Key insight

Tech is emotional. 4% would go to prison for a month to avoid losing their smartphone for a year.

B2X, 2017