Amazon’s Home of Black Friday 2018

Amazon is no stranger to transferring its online presence into a physical one, from Amazon books to the Household – designed Treasure Truck. With an anticipated £7.7bn UK spend over the Black Friday weekend (The Guardian 2018) it is no surprise Amazon opened a pop-up to showcase its best deals.

Amazon’s Home of Black Friday 2018 created anticipation from street level, as a one in one out queuing system ensured that customers felt a level of exclusivity when entering the store. The design of the shop front was minimal with sufficient branding and visual merchandising to inform attentive passers-by and act as an incentive to enter.

With holiday season approaching visitors entered through Amazon’s winter wonderland, with Christmas songs, a snow filled floor and a multitude of decorated Christmas trees. This Instagrammable threshold moment quickly got customers into the spirit. Upon exiting this zone, customers entered the ‘home’ which was filled with an abundance of shoppable Christmas gift ideas.

Using Amazon’s familiar ‘home’ formula, the pop-up store contained eight zones immersing customers in games, technology, entertainment, wellness and beauty. The store was enriched with elements that allowed customers to participate, customise and learn, thus creating an in-depth brand experience.

The themed corners of the ‘home’ represented different rooms in the house, reminding customers of the variety of products available and of course potential present options. Product-focused workshops and games encouraged participation, like a high-speed drawing competition that let guests get hands on with the latest Samsung phone. A high presence of sales associates successfully engaged visitors providing one-on-one service, guests could also receive complimentary beauty services in the bedroom zone.

While the ‘home’ zones were more of a hard sell, an Amazon bar and cinema room gave guests space to pause and subtly introduced Amazon’s drink offer and Prime Video service. Amazon succeeded in creating a multifunctional space as it was interesting to see members of the public using the cinema room as a lounge space or an office.

Overall the experience successfully engaged visitors, educating and exciting them about the range of Amazons products and services. However, after multiple home-style pop-ups we look forward to seeing how the brand evolves this in their next physical space.

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