Louboutin launch
New Jersey, US

Our most recent boutique for Christian Louboutin has launched in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Now open in The Mall at Short Hills, the new boutique follows the ‘Precious Gems‘ concept we created for Christian Louboutin, inspired by Christian’s own love of gemstones. The store is conceived of as a jewellery box, with each room representing a different layer offering new treasures to be revealed with each step.
Christian Louboutin Boutique, Short Hills, New Jersey - Interior
The boutique facade is a beacon of red; wrapped in scalloped tiles, while the interior is adorned with Beth Nicholas’ dream like marbling in natural stone, each piece unique. Gem tables and brass frames throughout the store continue the jewellery box theme. A bespoke wallpaper nods to Christian’s love of nature, with tigers in women’s leather goods and lemurs in the men’s section, playfully climbing trees.

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