Louboutin launch
Tokyo, Japan

Our new boutique for Christian Louboutin has launched in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

The new brand experience is inspired by dancing feet in Louboutin heels, balancing  bursts of energy and rhythm with the poise and grace inherent in a Louboutin shoe. The theatrical theme draws upon Christian’s attraction to the stage and the playfulness of the cabaret.

Each intimate room has a distinct feel. The cosy lounge area references show-time with draped velvet curtains and shimmering gold tassels. The leather goods room is its own intimate mini-theatre, with tasselled stools and elegant credenzas clad in green copper patina. The women’s room creates theatrical illusions with mirrors and transparent acrylic while gold and silver metal-effect wallpaper creates a spotlight beam in the menswear room for added drama.

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