Could a super app conquer the West?

Our Group Strategy Director Michelle Du-Prât talks to Nick Easen on the future of super apps for The Times, Raconteur.

“A super app is as much a convenience destination as it is a space for collaboration, inspiration and innovation.” At Household, we see the super app coming from our home away from home – social media. Brands here are innovating quickly, rapidly testing new services and integrations to create a rich destination of always on entertainment. This year in the US, TikTok will have 37.3 million Gen Z users who access their accounts at least once per month (eMarketer, 2021). Its recent push into ecommerce is making it easier for customers to connect and link inspiration to purchase wherever they are and are bringing brands along with it, creating a single destination that blurs the boundaries between physical and digital.

Super apps have the power to unlock a new era of 360-brand experiences, creating a focal point of customer and brand interaction, accessible instantaneously across channels and that sparks greater moments for participation, engagement, and fierce loyalty. Through a mix of data and innovation, brands can use super apps to dial up convenience, immersive experiences, and hyper-personalisation to catalyse an era of ‘new retail’.


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Image courtesy of Unsplash

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