Quick service restaurants flex formats to fit new routines

As working patterns become more fluid, and customers seek new anchor points in their day (and week), quick service restaurants are evolving to target specific mindsets and day-states.

Following the success of its Spitalfields site, The Salad Project has expanded with a second location in Bank, targeting hybrid workers returning to the workplace. They are leading with the launch of their all-new breakfast bar which follows the brand’s principles of healthy, hearty, and customisable. Customers can build their own breakfast each morning by selecting a base, toppings, and premium ingredients. This new time-of-day offer is in addition to the fully customisable salads they’re famous for throughout the afternoon.

Sweetgreen is delivering on its commitment to convenience by opening its first digital-only format location in Washington, DC. The store is dedicated to orders made through the app or for online pickup. There’s no dine-in option and customers are greeted by a bold and bright collection wall storing finished takeout orders. This frictionless grab-and-go approach is targeted at office workers with limited lunch breaks willing to spend a little more for healthy, customisable, and tasty food for in-office days.


Household takeout

Ways of living, working, and eating continue to evolve and reshape high streets and formats. It’s an exciting opportunity for brands to demonstrate customer affinity and help them establish new routines, tailoring their offers and formats to be the anchor points in a flexible working week.

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Image courtesy of  Sweetgreen

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