Brands make it easy to stay green during the cost-of-living crisis

Despite the recent political and economic turmoil, sustainability remains a high priority for grocery shoppers nationwide. Over a third of UK customers would like brands to offer advice on how to shop sustainably on a budget and offer tips on how to reduce food waste. (The Grocer 2022)

With mounting pressure on household finances, maintaining principles and sustainable behaviours can be challenging. Customers are looking to brands to make it simple and stress-free, so they can make real, positive differences to their lifestyles, without adding to their list of worries.

Last month, Sainsbury’s opened a pop-up store in London dubbed Sainsfreeze, promoting the benefits of frozen food to purse and planet. Stocking a range of products free of charge, that research has shown people are more likely to throw away when fresh – from fruit and vegetables to dairy and baked goods. Sainsbury’s also showcased innovative storage methods for freezing fresh food at home, such as putting eggs in an ice cube tray, with the aim to educate customers on how to reduce food waste in ways they may not have considered and save money whilst doing so.

The Beagle Button is a free plug-in browser extension that automatically identifies a more sustainable alternative to an online product. The brand leverages a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and specialised knowledge for new product suggestions, recommending products from a database of 3,000 products, across 200 brands. Users save money in the long-term as they are encouraged to make fewer, but more deliberate, purchases.


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Brands are demonstrating affinity with customers in challenging times, building stronger relationships by making it more accessible and affordable for them to stick to their principles, even with spending under scrutiny.

Get in touch with Household to explore how you can build trust and lifetime loyalty with customers whilst also doing good for people and planet.


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