Shopping apps expand connectivity points to pioneer the next frontier of interactive shopping

Apps have become a desired platform for online shopping due to ease, access, and convenience. 74% of respondents now use retail mobile apps with the intention to shop and purchase (Heady, 2021).

However, the inability to touch, trial and ask for personal help in-app creates barriers to purchase. Brands are now looking to make the end-to-end shopping experience in-app more immersive to overcome these issues. By integrating new features into apps, such as on-demand colleague assistance and AR filters, brands are helping customers make more confident online purchases, incentivising loyalty and driving sales.

Klarna recently acquired virtual shopping platform Hero to embed it within its app. Hero connects shoppers with sales associates on-demand, enabling them to access real-time inspiration, advice and product recommendations while at home. Hero’s service will now be available to Klarna’s 250,000+ retail partners.

Snap is partnering with ecommerce platform Verishop to offer in-app shopping service called ‘Verishop Mini’. Retail partners create shoppable product catalogues on the Snapchat app, enabling users to virtually try on products through AR filters and seamlessly purchase in-app.



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Image courtesy of Klarna 

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