The Fashion Economy Special Report, Raconteur
‘Too much information’

Our Group Strategy Director Michelle Du-Prât talks to Nick Easen in The Fashion Economy Special Report for The Times, Raconteur.

The article explores the challenges and issues that occur for online product discovery in fashion, especially as Google makes personalisation more difficult with the removal of third-party cookies.

When customers share their data to personalise choice, the transactional value is clear as they get to experience a shopping journey that is unique to their own shopping behaviours and habits. At Household, we know that customers want ease, convenience, and greater control over the way they shop online and instore. 52% of shoppers state that half or more of their purchases are influenced by convenience (NRF, 2021).

Fundamentally data is the new currency. “Brands need to use rewards to incentivise customers to share more data, creating a transparent exchange of value that benefits both parties” says  Michelle Du-Prât.

Download The Fashion Economy Special Report to read the article on Page 4.


Image courtesy of Unsplash

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