The beauty sector gets serious about multifaceted expert services

Customers desire for self-expression has created a new era of personalisation for beauty, which has been amplified through tech. AR try-on tech, AI-infused recommendations and social media masterclasses have provided beauty enthusiasts with an opportunity to access more individualised and expert experiences at home.

Brands are now building new stores grounded in expertise in a bid to bring communities together, attract new customers and to help them make better decision over the products they need. Through curated choice, expert sessions and tech-infused try-on areas, brands aspire to build deeper moments of trust, engagement, and participation, turning passive customers into life-long fans, driving revenue up.

Allure Magazine has launched its first retail destination in New York City. The store features a curated collection of 270 products, expertly selected by Allure’s editors and beauty-pro contributors. Customers can virtually try on make up in dedicated zones and scan QR codes to find out more information on products. The store hosts masterclasses, tutorials and panels to immerse ‘readers’ into the world of Allure, beyond products.

Flannels is launching its first beauty flagship in Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre. Within the 30,000 sq ft space, customers can interact with interactive and digitally connected private test-and-trial booths called Beauty Changing Rooms, to explore and interact with the latest products. In-store experts are on hand to offer guidance, with personal shopping and concierge services also available.



Allure Magazine has launched its first beauty-focused retail destination in New York City

Flannels is launching its first beauty flagship in Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre

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Image courtesy of Flannels 

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