Taboo-busting brands are pioneering a new era of accessible mental health services

Nearly one in three adults live with a mental health condition in the UK (Statistica, 2021), however getting access to help and support can be difficult due to long wait times and increased pressure on healthcare providers during the pandemic.

In response, we’ve been tracking a rise in brands offering on-demand mental health services, both online and IRL. These new service models help to challenge taboos around seeking treatment, opening up the dialogue and offering clients personalised support on their terms.

Self Space is the first on-demand therapy service on the UK high street. With spaces currently located in Shoreditch, Borough, Brighton and Manchester, the brand offers 30-to-50-minute therapy and coaching sessions, seven days a week. Clients can use the online ‘Get Matched’ tool to connect with a therapist that’s right for their needs.

Highstreet health and wellness brand Boots now offers mental health services online to help clients get tailored support depending on their needs. The ‘Boots Online Doctor’ consultation service connects clients with a medical professional to receive a tailored treatment plan and support. The ‘How Are Things?’ mood and symptom checker can be used to analyse symptoms, ‘SupportRoom’ provides access to therapists on-demand and ‘Livi’ connects customers with CBT qualified therapists.

Household takeout

As brands take a more active role in customers’ wellbeing, our trend of ‘well-doing’ continues. Health and wellness brands are focusing on creating flexible, personalised services that meet new customer needs and expectations around convenience and ease.

Get in touch with Household if you would like to explore how your brand can respond to and serve new wellness needs.


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Image courtesy of  Self Space

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