Household Stands with Ukraine

Household wants to do everything it can to oppose the wholly unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russia and support the Ukrainian people, who are suffering war crimes against them. 


Our Company pledge:

1. Household does not and will not knowingly do business with any Russian registered or majority-owned company.

2. We urge all our clients, partners, and suppliers to:

a. Stop doing business in Russia, and using, buying, or selling goods manufactured or supplied from Russia

b. In light of the Russian government shutting down independent media outlets and criminalising reporting of the war, ensure that all your contacts in Russia are aware of the awful truth of what is happening, right now, to their neighbours

c. Send a message to staff, suppliers, and other contacts in Russia that the free world is horrified by this wholly unjustified invasion and that the people of Russia should take action to persuade their government to stop. Now.

3. Household has made a substantial donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to raise funds for food, water, medicine, protection and trauma care for people fleeing the war. We encourage our clients and partners to do the same, responding with love, kindness and practicality.

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