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How driving positive change can help wellness brands stay on-trend

In our latest column for Welltodo.com, we explore how the fashion industry is evolving to meet new customer needs around sustainability, and what insights wellness brands can take from their lead.

Fashion and sustainability have often clashed. Fast-fashion, overconsumption and overproduction have driven the industry to become one of the biggest polluters in the world. However, customers with a greater awareness of the climate crisis are catalysing a reset for the entire industry.

A growing body of customers are deciding to take personal action to better the world that they live in. This desire for sustainable living is driving brands across multiple industries to evolve their offerings to help customers live, learn and act with positive intent. At Household, we’ve identified this as the rise of ‘Conscious Living’, a trend which we see shaping experiences in 2021 and beyond.

This month, we explore three ways Conscious Living is already impacting the fashion industry and what that means for wellness brands.

  1. Secondhand turns into social selling
  2. Rental becomes accessible for the whole family
  3. Upcycling weaves into the store

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