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Boots, the UK’s biggest chain of high street chemists wanted to improve the customer journey in store. Footfall was not a problem, rather customers found it hard to find the items they had come in for. Our research and understanding of the brand across multiple formats revealed a need for a comprehensive branded signage system. This would provide a unique infrastructure, vital to making the stores easy for customers to shop.

Boots branded signage system customer journey

Comprehensive branded signage system

Boots branded signage system
Boots wayfinding branded signage system

We designed in-store signage to be simple, low cost, and flexible. Scalable and flat-packed, it is magnetic, lightweight and easy to assemble and install, enabling staff to easily grow or shrink an in-store category area.

Boots branded signage system

With the brief ‘to be able to recognise a Boots store from the top of a London bus’, we designed a suite of fascias for a broad store format portfolio, ranging from major flagships to smaller local pharmacies.

Boots branded signage system

We worked across formats and department levels, formulating innovative ways of shopping key categories such as Skincare, Baby, Photo, Boots Optician and in-store kiosks. We designed and developed concepts that are still rolling out more than a decade after original launch sites.

We named and developed the community-focused format ‘Your Local Pharmacy’ and co-branded the offer when Alliance and Boots first partnered.

Scalable and easy
to install

Boots branded signage system
Key Insight

58% of customers rate being able to find what they want quickly and easily as their top factor in determining where to shop

(NFR, 2018)



Roll-out across the 2,500-store estate continues