Take a walk around the touch-free store

Our Group Strategy Director Michelle Du-Prât talks to Nick Easen on the high-touch future of touchless retail for The Times, Raconteur.

Covid-conscious future retail is a safe and personalised hybrid of physical and digital experiences, it’s the new service experience frontier, and most definitely the catalyst physical retail has been edging towards. “Right now, richly immersive experiences are being trialled and iterated more quickly and the exciting part is that innovation is here to stay. It is also evolving into every part of the customer journey”, says Michelle Du-Prât.

In the grocery sector, for example, supermarkets are using voice assistants to elevate their convenience offering, enabling customers to access assistance in store or at home, completely contactlessly. “In a time where human contact is still valued and not always viable, Amazon is utilising its voice technology to act as a personal shopper. Going forwards, voice technology will be embraced in future retail experiences for this reason.”

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Image courtesy of Burberry 

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