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As the earth continues to be on lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are rising to the challenge and doing extraordinary things to help people in their time of need.

Every week, we will be continuing to track how customers’ needs are changing in light of COVID-19, and how brands are continuing to evolve their responses. This week we see a mix of practical help and brands offering customers ways of keeping busy at home. Aldi is giving thanks to staff, Nike is learning lessons from China and BrewDog is creating an online bar experience.



Tesco is limiting online deliveries to 80 items per basket

Aldi is rewarding its staff with a bonus as a sign of appreciation due to a surge in crowds

Apple could delay 5G iPhone launch thanks to COVID-19

Nike is learning from China to tackle COVID-19 in the US



EasyJet has grounded all its planes

It’s estimated that postponing the Japan Olympics could cost $6 billion

Balcony bingo is bringing communities together in Madrid

Swiss hospitality company Le Bijou has launched a COVID-19 package for guests



Airbnb has suspended its global marketing activities to save $800 million

How tourism brands are advertising during this time

IKEA is urging customers to stay at home and practice social distancing



BrewDog is replicating its bar experience online

Dyson in partnership with Airbus will manufacture 30,000 medical ventilators

Miller Harris has partnered with Age UK to donate hand washes to vulnerable people   

Burberry will manufacture hospital gowns and masks for the NHS in its Yorkshire factory 

Boots will start to test NHS staff for COVID-19 

Amazon Alexa can determine your COVID-19 risk level 

Walmart is waiving April rent for in store brand partnerships  

Spotify has created the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project to support the global music community 

Tik Tok is pushing into live streams 


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We are continuing to work with and help our clients so please let us know if we can help you in any way.

With love, health and strength, Household

Image courtesy of BrewDog 

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