Grocery bets big on digital to deliver on customers hungry for convenience

COVID-19 has helped accelerate supermarket innovation online and offline to meet customers' evolved digital shopping behaviours and convenience needs. Customers now expect access to a larger range of products online and for physical experiences to bridge their online and offline journeys seamlessly.

M&S has launched its long-term partnership with Ocado to offer customers more choice to do a bigger weekly shop online. Shoppers can purchase over 50,000 products online – 6,000 of these are M&S branded.

Amazon’s newest tech-enabled grocery format ‘Amazon Fresh’ features Alexa kiosks to help customers locate products in store and Dash Carts that seamlessly connect to Alexa shopping lists and scan grocery items automatically. The store acts as a micro-fulfilment centre for online deliveries as shoppers have access to curbside pick-up and a dedicated click and collect area in store.



M&S launches its partnership with Ocado  

Amazon unveils its latest grocery format in LA 

Waitrose is partnering with Deliveroo for 30-minute delivery 

Walmart launches its subscription membership service in the US 

Paypal is competing with Klarna to launch new ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme  



Hilton has opened its first-ever Conrad-branded resort in Mexico 



M&S launches its Remarksable campaign to tackle price perception 

ARKET unveils new global brand campaign called ‘New Nordic Everyday Design’ 



Primark launches its first video game ‘Primark Legends’ 

Amazon unveils new AR shopping feature to aid furniture buying 

Amazon is set to launch a luxury fashion platform  

IKEA and Lego partner to launch new furniture collection 

Unilever pledges €1bn to remove fossil fuels from its cleaning products 

Brewdog is now carbon neutral due to the success of its sustainability initiatives  

Image courtesy of Amazon 

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