Hyper-personalised products dominate at CES 2021

Last week, CES 2021 was hosted virtually for the first time ever. One trend that caught our eye was the rise in hyper-personalised products. 4 out of 5 of people agree that the more personalisation tactics a brand uses, the more loyal they are (Formation.ai, 2020). It's no surprise to see brands testing new waters, combining products with intelligent AI to bring a new level of personalisation directly into customers’ homes.

This is a win-win strategy as it allows customers to create unique products instantly, while accessing expert guidance on-demand. For brands, it helps solidify trust, showing a deeper understanding of their diverse customer base, while creating new opportunities for long-term loyalty-driven revenue streams.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty launched a new gadget which allows users to make their own lipstick at home. Users insert a colour cartridge into the machine and select a colour from the app to produce the lipstick shade. The app’s AI suggests colours based on the user’s skin tone. The device rewards loyalty, saving customers money by purchasing refillable cartridges rather than purchasing new products regularly.

Ninu Perfume launched a smart device which allows users to create scents based on their mood. The brand’s app is connected to a cylindrical gadget that holds three scents in glass vials. Users use the app to change the scent and receive personalised suggestions.



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Yves Saint Laurent launches a gadget that allows customers to make their own lipstick at home

Ninu launches a smart perfume device that allows users to change scents based on their mood

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Image courtesy of  L’Oréal 

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