The White Company
Going stateside

As featured in Retail Focus and Echochamber.

Household partnered with The White Company to create the brand’s first ever US flagship store. Retail Focus described the store as a visual journey of discovery that combines lifestyle aspiration with a boutique hotel feel, whilst paying homage to the grandeur of the elegant Beaux-Arts building.
Whilst Echochamber described the brand’s “chic expansion into NYC as a much-anticipated British invasion” heroing Household-designed experience touchpoints in creating an overall “gorgeous” experience.
The White Company’s US debut builds upon Household’s design blueprint for the Marylebone High Street store, which engaged the customer in a sensory exploration of each product category. The Fifth Avenue flagship brings Household’s design concept to life on an even larger scale. A combination of high ceilinged show rooms and intimate browsing areas house a range of high-touch experiences, including the Fragrance Boutique with testing stations for curated scents, a Living Room Zone complete with polished plaster fireplace and a bespoke Sleep Studio providing sensory tests on linen, duvets and pillows.
Read the full articles about the prominent Fifth Avenue store on Retail Focus and Echochamber.

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