Building brand communities from the home out

Retailers are using new digital products and services to build accessible brand communities from the home out. This drives brand loyalty by connecting like-minded people on shared interests, while fostering a deeper connection between individuals and their favourite brands.

Athleisure brand Lululemon acquires fitness company Mirror, enabling customers to create a Lululemon fitness studio in their home, by connecting with brand ambassadors live or on-demand. The L’Oréal Group have created online beauty communities through digital live-stream shopping events. Walmart is launching a virtual summer camp on its app to provide educational and entertainment content for families.



Lululemon acquires fitness brand Mirror for $500m

Uber to acquire US food delivery competitor Postmates

The L’Oréal Group have launched livestream shopping in the US

Asda has partnered with Medicspot to provide in-store GP video consultations

Superdrug has partnered with My Online Therapy to offer expert mental health services

IKEA has unveiled a new showroom in Poland called ‘Home of Tomorrow’, featuring sustainable design solutions



Virgin Money has launched a socially distanced outdoor music venue in Newcastle, UK

Car manufacturer Volkswagen has acquired travel platform Voya

Walmart will host a virtual summer camp and turn 160 of its car parks into drive-in cinemas

Fitness brand 1Rebel has unveiled social distancing plans for its fitness spaces



M&S is relaunching its Sparks loyalty scheme as an app-based digital first service

Burberry launches a new campaign featuring CGI models, alongside its third video game

Vogue’s August cover reconnects people to nature



Boohoo to investigate into its UK supplier after slave labour claims

Shangri-La hotel group will donate linen to NGOs, to upcycle into masks


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