The Post-COVID drive for sustainability

With countries around the world at different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are re-evaluating their retail strategies to meet the new needs of customers, in turn shaping a new retail landscape.

Retailers are continuing to re-open stores as lockdown restrictions ease across the world. Despite the new need for packaging emerging in the grocery sector, brands are refocusing their efforts, finding new ways to drive sustainability. Competitors are collaborating, forging smart partnerships to create sustainable products for their customers. Brands are also creating new initiatives to achieve their sustainability targets. Adidas and Allbirds partner to make the world’s most sustainable shoe, Walmart now sells ThredUP clothing and Mallzee sells abandoned factory stock direct-to-consumer.



Boots re-open with new safety measures in place and virtual expert consultations

Harrods to open an outlet in Westfield London, to sell unsold stock

Tesco unveils a new automated queuing system that uses 3D body imaging

Primark plans to re-open in the UK on 15th June

Amazon to make 125,000 temporary staff, hired during the pandemic, permanent

Amazon in talks to acquire self-driving vehicle company, Zoox

COVID-19 has pushed back F&B targets to reduce single use plastic usage



Hilton UK has partnered with Open Kitchens to provide 50,000 meals to vulnerable people

The Cyprus government will pay for tourists’ holiday costs if they test positive for COVID-19

Youtube and Tribeca have launched a 10-day film festival



Nike unveiled its ‘For once, don’t do it’ campaign

Adidas and Nike stand in solidarity for Black Lives Matter

UK government has launched a campaign to educate people on Test and Trace



The ‘Paper Bottle Project’ aims to develop plant-based biodegradable bottles by 2023

Adidas and Allbirds are partnering to design a shoe with the world’s lowest carbon footprint

Mallzee has created direct-to-consumer clothing boxes, consisting of abandoned factory stock

Walmart is partnering with ThredUP to make second-hand fashion more accessible

Zalando has made sustainability assessments mandatory for its brands and sellers

Ted Baker has launched a fundraiser as part of its COVID-19 recovery strategy

DoorDash has launched a new initiative to help local businesses create their own online stores

Google’s launched an AR tool for social distancing

Uber riders can now book by the hour


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